Past Issue Volume2 Issue3

1.Title: Near Field Communication (NFC) Fund Transfer

Authors: Ms.Jyoti L.Hadke, Mr.Nomesh A.Padole, Ms.Amrita A.Sonekar, Mr.Pawan C.Khapre, Ms.Karuna Borkar

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2.Title: Cryptanalysis in Network Security: An Overview

Authors: S Munisankariah, B Priyanka, S Anusha

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3.Title: Future Identification and Security Authentication Based on Face-Gait Biometrics

Authors: Mr.Surajkumar J.Manowar, Prof.A.M.Sahu

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4.Title: A Review on Security Model for Distributed Clouds

Authors: Kajal B.Kunte, Prof.V.S.Nandedkar

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5.Title: Hand Gesture Recognition using Neural Network

Authors: Prasad Deshmukh, Tushar Sarode, Manish Chunade

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6.Title: Review Paper on Media Player

Authors: Mr.Juned A.Khan, Mr.Vijay S.Gulhane

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7.Title: Recognition on Road Vehicle Based on EDA

Authors: Ms.Smita Sakharwade, Dr.Lata Ragha

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8.Title: Video Coding in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network using Compressed Sensing

Authors: Chetan S.Deshmukh, Prof.S.V.Dhopte

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9.Title: Modeling for Soft Drink Machine using UML

Authors: Phani Prasad J, Murlidher Mourya

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10.Title: Cut Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Mrs.(Prof.) Preeti M.Bihade, Rahul Raina, Girish Ghayal, Abhijit Jambhale, Pranita Patil

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11.Title: Mitigating Routing Attacks with Evidence Algorithm

Authors: Ms.G.Nirmala, Mrs.T.Kalaiselvi

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12.Title: Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement using Fast Fourier Extraction Method

Authors: Subhro Paul, Sujay Sarkar, Surojit Sarkar, Satyajit Samaddar, Pradip Kumar Saha, Gautam Kumar Panda

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13.Title: A Standard Tool for Earthquake Prediction: The Time - Predictable Model

Authors: Miss.M.A.Kalyankar, Prof.Mr.S.J.Alaspurkar

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14.Title: A Smart Phone(Android) Based Medicine Prescribing Application

Authors: Prerana Jaipurkar, Rahul Gopaldas Shahani, Sandeep Junghare, Dhiraj Dewang

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15.Title: Biometric System Design by using Fingerprint and Voice for Person Identification

Authors: Basant Dewangan

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16.Title: A Vulnarable Scoring Through Code Based Cloud Storage System with Sheltered Data Forwarding

Authors: Durga.E & Vimalshankar.K.N

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17.Title: EPDVS Algorithm for Enhanced Data Delivery in Vehicular Networks

Authors: Mayur.P.Auradker, S.P.Srikanth

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18.Title: Exploiting Jamming - Caused by the Neighbor Changes for Jammer Localization Technique

Authors: Rakesh Sharma B.S, N.Sreedevi

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19.Title: A Survey on Privacy Preservation Against Traffic Analysis in Wireless Network by HEF on GEV's

Authors: Sridhar Kulkarni, Sharavana K

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20.Title: A Design of Efficient Management of Geocache in Mobile - Disconnected Networks using Trajectory - Based Approach

Authors: Pavan Mulgund, Gayathri.N

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21.Title: Improve QOS parameter of Fiber Channel over Storage virtualized environment by implementing SNMP

Authors: Sandeep Kaushik, Dr.Naveen Hemrajani

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22.Title: Energy Efficient and Reliable CRT Based Packet Forwarding Technique in Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Rachana M, Mrs.Sreedevi.K

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23.Title: Efficient Node Energy Based Encryption and False Data Injection in WSN

Authors: Praveen S.G, Sharavana K

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24.Title: Achieving Data Privacy and Security for Multi Shares using Multi Clouds Computing

Authors: Neetha H C, SivagamaSundari G

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25.Title: Design of Service Pricing Optimization in Cloud Cache 

Authors: Somashekhar.P, Prof.Srikanth S.P

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26.Title: A Novel Schema to Break Video CAPTCHA

Authors: Maddela Shireesha, Prof.V.B.Gaikwad

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27.Title: Regional Climate Model Simulation in HPC Environment

Authors: Alok Choudhury, K.C.Gouda, Srikanth S.P

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28.Title: High Quality Lossless Compressed Tone mapped Image Enhancement for digital Printing

Authors: Mariya Augustine, Dr.Janhanlal Stephen, Mrs.Haripriya Midhun

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29.Title: Secure Network Discovery for Trust Aware Routing Against Severe Attacks in WSNs

Authors: Shruthi BM, Sivagama Sundari.G

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30.Title: Towards Ontology Based New Efficient Learning Model(ONELM)

Authors: Syed Abusali.V

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31.Title: Case Study Based Software Engineering Project Development: State of Art

Authors: Sukhpal Singh, Harinder Singh

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32.Title: Intelligent System for Feature Based Image Recognition

Authors: Abhishek Kaushik, Dinesh Goyal

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33.Title: Design and Implementation of AKASHROOP Space Website

Authors: Roopashree T, Prof.Shashidar H R, Mr.Subramanian Bhoominatham

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34.Title: Extraction of Ontology Concepts and Their Relationship from Knowledge Based Heterogeneous Text Documents

Authors: Syed Abusali.V, Syed Ali.A

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35.Title: The Overview of Conversion Techniques and Issues of Digital Libraries to Cloud Libraries

Authors: Dr.P.Selvi Rajendran, Dr.L.Rajendran

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36.Title: Secure Sharing of Personal Medical Records: Survey

Authors: Bharti Ratan Madnani

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